About Salam Tims

All my life, fantastic tales have been my refuge and delight.

My earliest memory of reading, at about five-years old, is following along as my older brother read a comic book to me. I still remember the cover and the title—ATOMIC MOUSE. It was indeed a fantastic tale of a super-hero—who happened to be a rodent—and I was hooked.

Around the same time, my brother took me to the neighborhood movie theater to see the first film I can remember—WAR OF THE WORLDS. It fascinated and scared me witless—I watched most of it peeking from the rear of the auditorium–and I loved it.

Over the years and decades—dare I say centuries—science fiction, fantasy, and horror—in books, on TV, at the movies—have been the go-to staple nourishment for my imagination and a tonic for world-weariness and impatience with so called reality. It’s not my sole taste in entertainment—I enjoy all kinds of fiction and non-fiction in all the media—but I have an abiding taste for the fantastic. After two careers—in IT and video production, I have embarked on a third career, blogging, writing articles and copy, and creating my own fantastic tales as screenplays and novels.