Klara and the Sun

What is a human being?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful novel, beautifully written, with an AI protagonist/narrator (Klara) who is the most “human” character in the story. What makes someone or something a human being? This novel suggests that it is the capacity for caring and love for another that makes us human and Klara embodies selfless loving care for her human companion Josie. Klara is capable of every human gesture and act and yet, in her descriptions of her own stream of consciousness, it is very clear that her perceptions and thought processes are more than, other than, human. The author makes us see how different Klara is, while also showing her caring loving nature. I usually “forget” novels as soon as I finish them. “Klara and the Sun” has stayed with me and I expect it will.

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